Update on Class Action Lawsuit Filed Against Auto Manufacturers

If you have imported a vehicle from the US into Canada, this update may affect you.
Dear Vehicle Importer:

Thank you for your continued interest in the progress of our claim against the auto manufacturers.

At the time we commenced our lawsuit, a similar suit was commenced in Ontario, and we have been asked to join forces with that Ontario firm.

In order to join forces we have agreed to discontinue the claim in British Columbia. We believe that by this partnership we have a better chance of wining this David & Goliath battle.

These lawsuits are usually strenuously defended and can take years to wind their way though the legal system, so we ask you for your patience and continued interest. We will endeavor to provide monthly updates so that you can follow the progress of this lawsuit as it works its way through the court system.

Kindest regards,

Wm. Rory Lambert

Dinning Hunter Lambert & Jackson
E-mail: rlambert@dinninghunter.com
To learn more about the lawsuit, visit UCanImport.com or contact info@ucanimport.com for more information.

Welcome to the Blog for Lawsuit Information

If you have imported a vehicle from the United States, this information may concern you.

In February of 2008, a lawsuit was filed at Victoria, BC, alleging that a number of auto manufacturers have implemented unlawful policies designed to curtail imports from the United States into Canada.

The manufacturers' policies include:

  • Preventing U.S. dealerships from selling new vehicles to Canadians;
  • Implementing new mandatory documentation requirements with exploitive fees for distribution;
  • Voiding OEM warranties;
  • Dictating unnecessary modifications and/or charging exploitive labour rates for modifications and/or inspections;
  • Forcing Canadians to wait up to ninety (90) days for the service and/or inspections deemed mandatory prior to vehicle registration;
  • Refusing to provide the mandatory documentation to Canadians, effectively blocking their vehicle certification in Canada.
This blog serves as a mechanism for importers to share their experiences with each other and with the law firm heading the lawsuit. If you wish to participate by sharing your importing story, here are a few considerations to keep in mind:

  1. Please tell us your story in a truthful manner, sticking to just the facts and the actual timeline of events;
  2. We would like the opportunity to contact you for more details about your experiences. You may post your comments without disclosing your name. However, if you would like your details to become part of the lawsuit certification process, we will be required to contact you to provide a sworn affidavit. To enable us to do so, please follow up your blog posting by sending an e-mail to info@ucanimport.com and confirming your contact information including, name, address, contact numbers and the type of vehicle imported. This information will be used to contact you at a later time.
  3. All postings will be moderated for content and relevancy to the lawsuit by UCanImport and the law firm prior to becoming publicly available online.
Regular postings will be made available on this site to keep importers updated on the progress of the lawsuit. You are invited to check back frequently for updates which may affect you.

Thank you,

UCanImport Publications