Snowbird Doesn't Escape BMW Modifications

Submitted by: UCanImport reader
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It looks like I will have no choice but to join the list of many on your suit. Here is my, what I believe to be unique, story.

I am a Canadian Snowbird with 2 homes and spend just under 6 months in the USA and the remainder in Canada. I am a Canadian Citizen.

I recently purchased a 2006 650 Convertible in Arizona. It is registered and insured in Arizona State. I had planned on driving it to Canada for July and August and then returning to Arizona.

Unfortunately, I found out that Canadian residents cannot drive a USA registered vehicle in Canada. No exceptions not even for 1 minute I was told by Canada Customs. Now I must import the vehicle if I want to use it in Canada for the summer months.

I do not want any warranty transfer as I'm not interested in dealing with BMW Canada for the 2 months the car will be in Canada. This was to be an annual thing for me.

Also, BMW Canada wants me to change the instrument cluster and heater controls. They want the KPH in large font instead of small and the heater controls in "C" instead of "F". As an older guy, I prefer "F" and I would rather have the MPH in large font as it's in the USA for most of the year.

If you have any suggestions...feel free as I find dealing with BMW Canada stressful.