Lawsuit Against Auto Manufacturers Reduced To Claims Against BMW and Mercedes-Benz

Ontario Law Firm Proceeds With Certification
Application Against Two Auto Manufacturers

If you have imported a BMW or Mercedes-Benz vehicle from the United States into Canada and have had to pay fees for letters of admissibility, recall clearance and/or BMW and Mercedes-Benz mandated modifications, then this update may affect you:

Our partners, in Ontario are proceeding with the certification application in Ontario Superior Court. The key element of the certification application is to satisfy the court that there are common issues that are relevant to each member of the class. For this reason, the scope of the class action lawsuit has been reduced to a claim against BMW and Mercedes-Benz. While other manufacturers have also taken advantage of the Canadian purchasers the most serious transgressions have been committed by these two manufacturers.

Owing to the cost and amount of time it takes to win this litigation it has been necessary to scale down in this fashion. It is our hope that a successful claim against these two manufacturers will cause the government to force other manufacturers to rebate those Canadian the fees they have had to pay for unnecessary services they have been charged.


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