Update to Class Action Lawsuit Against BMW and Mercedes-Benz

If you have imported a BMW or Mercedes-Benz vehicle from the United States into Canada and have had to pay fees for letters of admissibility, recall clearance and/or BMW and Mercedes-Benz mandated modifications, then this update may affect you:


Our partners in Ontario continue to move forward with the lawsuit against BMW and Mercedes-Benz. In the weeks following the last blog update from May 25, 2009, our partners have requested a case management judge who will work with them to schedule hearings for the motion to add and also for the certification motion. These processes are generally scheduled with the court and take into account each step in the lawsuit. Once the dates are determined with the scheduling judge, our partners will be able to progress on the lawsuit.

All updates to the lawsuit will continue to be posted to this blog and we encourage you to review this information periodically.


Questions and comments may be posted to this blog or e-mailed directly to info@ucanimport.com Your questions and responses - if determined to be relevant to other importers - may be posted on this blog for others to review.

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